Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Analyzing My Traction

In the last few weeks of working and sharing my project online (twitter and blog), I have been considering the value of sharing and whether I have done a very good job at it.
To say the least, sharing the way I have has not hurt. However my traction over the last year has (I feel) been minimal. It has been approximately been 400+ days since I started this project and some of my statistical gains have been:
112 blog posts.
569 Twitter Followers.
8435 website visitors.
It’s not terrible by any means, and I know I shouldn’t gauge my success by these statistics, but for the most part (eliminating family and friends who have been keeping up), this is my only measuring stick for the general exposure of my work. I know; the number of people who read your work does not necessarily stand as the ultimate measure of success. But I have news for you, it kind of does. If you baked a million cakes and sold a hundred, guess what… No more baking for you… So I do sometimes take periodic checks to see if I am speaking to anyone at all. I’ll finish this project, but as I have mentioned previously, I want to be able to share my work when it’s done.
I have to admit one thing for sure; I have not done much to optimize my connection with people. I have not key worded my blog posts beyond using tags at the bottom of every entry. I have not touched much on popular subject matter for the Internet Audience (I figured I would capitalize that) - lists and such. I’m not very well schooled in the art of search engine optimization.
I’ve recently explored Wordpress, dipping my toes into the water to see what it is like. The ease of the format is really to my liking and every time I post I get a handful of followers and likes. That’s been encouraging and I can see the appeal of Wordpress. I can see the potential to create more pages within my blog for a better site. I think its potential exceeds that of Blogger, but that’s just my opinion. I have seen some remarkable work on both platforms.
Ultimately, I have relied on one thing more than anything else… the content. I haven’t produced exceptional content, but I think that the sincerity of failures and successes, horrible drawings and some proud ones, as well as progress updates have all been positives. I feel like my blog is a little bit of the engine that could. I’ve made mention a few times about how I have never received feedback that was discouraging. It’s always been positive. Maybe people are visiting and saying “oh that’s nice,” but if that’s what I get then thank you, please come again!
I wanted to write a post about how focusing on the quality of your work and not to worry much about the traction you are getting because it will come with time and a few fortunate clicks, but I guess I haven’t done that. I can’t always have the best post. I’ll try again later. I promise you the content will be a bit less vague. Looks like I’m still learning.

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