Friday, February 20, 2015

Successful Frame of Mind

I wanted to share a quick post today. I am approaching the halfway point of my book deadline (49 days left) and I think it will be a crunch but I can still get it done. I am nearly done with every sketched out panel and also begun working on the front end with some colors that I am preparing to hopefully use.
I figured I would share a few things that seem to be consistent when I find myself on track (on the good days). So please keep these things in mind if you are working on a project yourself:
Never Stop Learning: I wish I were good enough to sit down and wing it on talent, but I’m not. Still, every time I run into a road block, it’s an opportunity to learn a new skill. Nothing helps further down the road than learning something new and being better equipped for the next obstacle.
Keep your Goals Specific: You don’t need to chase the big idea all the time. That can be daunting and could take days, if not weeks, or months, of zero fulfillments. Imagine running a marathon and the line is in view but never seems to come closer. I personally would never finish. So- to keep the metaphor, make the next corner your goal, and after that, the next street, or the next mile, and keep working from there.
Stay Modest: The most successful and accomplished people are modest. You might not believe me. You might say, “Hey that person is so high minded about their work.” It’s not true. He or she is proud. Their approach to work I promise you is highly modest. That means getting out of bed early, or staying up late, or passing on that down time, or fun time, to do what they set out to do. Forfeiture = modesty.
Be Supportive: Be a part of a something. Talking to others about their work (even if it is unrelated) can be invigorating. Everyone has their passion. Support theirs! They will support you. I’m a big proponent of positive energy expended. The more you support others, the more motivated you are to get back to supporting yourself. I have a roommate and we are working on vastly different things at times, but keeping tabs on the other is great motivation to have something to offer.
Don’t Overdo It: Ever hear the saying “3 yards and a cloud of dust”? It’s a football term. It describes an ugly offense that snaps the ball, gains three yards, and it’s just kind of messy. Well, ask any football coach and they’ll tell you, “That was a positive play.” Did I say great play? No, it’s positive, because it moves the ball down the field. Do the same with your work. Some days you will have a Great day. Some days you won’t. Those awesome days will happen when you set it up. It happens when you keep it simple and do one small thing at a time. In my case, I try to do one drawing a day. Just one. Sometimes it turns into 5 or more and then I’m on a roll. It’s always a step in the right direction even if it doesn’t feel that way.
Embrace the Struggle: I’m not offering hacks here. I am letting you know; sometimes you have to accept the difficulties that lay ahead. The more you embrace your struggle the more likely you are to accomplish your goals. Otherwise, don’t embrace them, quit… and never succeed.

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