Thursday, February 26, 2015

Past the Halfway Point

It’s the halfway point of my deadline and I am almost ready to start working on the background, color, and details of my book. I am about 3-4 panels away from all the preliminary penciling to be complete. There is still plenty to add, but this was the hugest hurdle to jump on the way to creating my first children’s book.
I realize I am jumping ahead of myself a little bit, but I wanted to explore some avenues of distribution that have been roaming around in the back of my mind for a few weeks. It’s the long worn out question of do I publish traditionally or e-book it?
 I am not going to assume that I can have my pick. Traditional Publishing is not a given by any stretch. The odds are almost against me, but just slapping my book online for all to download is not a given that it will be read either. In many ways it feels like dropping an unlimited number of messages in bottles hoping they will all make it to shore and be read… Who knows?
So I have taken the approach of doing this. I am going to e-book it while searching for a publisher. The reason for this is I want my story to be in as many hands as possible. I want people and readers to have access to it at a very fair offer, while seeking something more formal (and in an older sense- validating). This personal project and blog will probably eventually become a chronicle of how I attempt to get this book published: Letters, queries, status updates, and responses… all the while- you can read it in its entirety and appreciate it anyway. And you know what… if it never gets published, we’ll there it is.
(Don’t worry; I won’t become some weirdo on a publishing crusade. I will be making more books!)
I’m not sure if this is the wisest approach to go the way of the e-book. I’ve never heard of a publisher who was thrilled about a book already available to the public while trying to take a story into print, but since this is a children’s book I think print has its own kind of particular value that cannot be compromised. In the end, exposure is never a bad thing, right?
If you look through posts dating back now 14 months (holy crap I just realized that), you’ll see a lot of kind of boring, bland, pencil on paper sketches but soon a lot of this will be accompanied by color and background. It’s something I am excited to share. This is something I have been really looking forward to as I see one step of this great little venture coming completion.
Note: It’s been exactly 406 days of blogging and tweeting and I have still had zero negative feedback from a very highly supportive community. Thank you to everyone, and thanks for visiting.

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