Wednesday, December 31, 2014

To Reach One Million

This post is a little unusual for my blog considering I’ve mostly been documenting my progress on learning how to create my children’s book. It’s been one year since the process has begun (349 days to be exact). I can say with absolute certainty that my book will be done in the first half of 2015. It’s a bit behind schedule, and I have a few more hurdles to clear, but I can see some day light as I get into scribbling the second half of my words into pictures.
My outlook has admittedly changed. It’s always been the same goal (to complete a children’s book) but everything about my venture evolved into something different at the same time. Writing and drawing has so much become a part of my routine that not working on it can sometimes leave the day feeling fulfilling. It’s pretty safe to say that given the opportunity I would do this for a living.
It’s because the community of artists, illustrators, and writers who I’ve crossed paths with has been nothing but gracious and appreciative. To date, I have not gotten one piece of negative feedback from family, friends, and strangers. I’ve been encouraged by those who have followed me online, and visited my website. I’ve sampled pieces to adults and children and received the same response: They want more.
I don’t anticipate a line around the block forming for my first children’s book. But whether one appears out of the blue or not I will get on with writing my next. It’s just something I’ve come to love. It’s something I will do regardless of whether I sell one or one thousand copies.
In the end, my goal has evolved into this idea in mind that I don’t want to make a million dollars from this. I’d love to. I mean, who wouldn’t? Imagine: do what you love and make a million dollars? That’s an easy answer, but I hate tainting my little goal with something so intrinsically covetous.
I’d hate to one day tell a friend “I started writing children’s books to make a million bucks.”
That’s cheap.
But I have come to the enjoyable conclusion that I want to reach a million people. That’s what I’ve gotten from all this feedback. I want my stories to reach one million people. The money from that? I don’t know. I hope one person takes my book (or books) and shares their copy with 10 people. That’s how much I am thinking about the buck on this idea.
That’s my ever growing drive: to share. Share as much as possible.
This is book one and I’m 65% of the way to completion. So pardon me now if one day I start hocking the crap out of my story. I could really be annoying. But trust me, you can have it for free (if I can swing it). I won’t be doing it because I want to take anything from you. It’s too much fun thinking about scoring on a share. I find myself smiling when I think about what it would be like to give.

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