Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stop and Sketch

It’s been a while since I posted. I have been working on my book still (Plenty actually.)I’ve been steady, doing no less than an hour a day- which by writer’s standards is pretty poor (but by artists’ standards, that might be great!).
I found myself recently toiling over the idea of perfection. It’s not something really great to strive for. I put together a few primary sketches that I am sure you have already seen before on previous posts (unless this is your first time here), and then went back to start coloring and re-working some of the first few I did without ever finishing. I became tablet obsessed and started laboring to find the right colors and started wrestling in general with my novice skill set on my Sketchbook. It became a lot of tire spinning. I got in some nice little sketch ups and colored images, but nothing in the way of truly valuable progress.
So I went and bought myself a simple gridded note pad, pages and pages, got to be in the hundred. I’m just dumping ideas in there, image idea? Sketch. Pose? Sketch. Fail? Next Page. Panel idea? Sketch.
I was very unproductive with my time recently and the best I can and probably should do is begin to lay some groundwork down. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of scribble and ink and less color, but I have to get every panel idea down for this entire story before I begin the process of finishing any one page. Thanks for visiting.

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