Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Silly Waking Up

I have been working on my tablet trying to puzzle together my work little by little into the actual story I envisioned. This is a drawing of my little Silly (step by step) waking up and moseying out of bed while still yawning off his sleep. This is an image from the 3rd panel of my children's book. Still no title for it yet. I should probably start day dreaming about that one soon...
I did recently got a little feedback on my illustrations. I am trying to draw (pardon the pun) a little inspiration from classic drawing techniques. Something a little warmer and cute, softer and sweet. But one of the critiques I got was the need for a little more texture and value. Not necessarily hues and shades, but some extra lines and ink. I added patches to Silly's knee and elbow to give him a little more character (pardon the pun again) and am seeing some very humorous and appealing differences from just those little details. I will keep working on this and hopefully post more soon, including thoughts and some ideas for how I want to real present this on an actual page. 
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