Wednesday, October 1, 2014

From Sketch to Illustration

I finally have reached a point in the process where I think it’s about time to fiddle around with my Tablet in earnest. I am not product pushing here, but I am working on my Samsung 10.1 Note that was purchased off of Ebay, and downloaded SketchbookPro as my illustrator software. I figured I was far enough and consistent enough with my characters, Silly and Sam, that I could start to work on the illustrated color versions of them as I continued story boarding and doodling.
At first the tablet seemed impossible to work with. I had become so accustomed to pencil and ink on paper that drawing on the tablet seemed like trying to walk on ice. The texture and feel of the stylus on the screen was distinctly different than what I had anticipated. I was immediately discouraged (but knew in my heart that being discouraged was only part of the process). I had to reset my thought process and start the tablet just as I had started with pencil and eraser… I had to take lessons and tutorials again.
This time however, I didn’t go the bookstore and purchase lesson books. I decided to go online and find videos that helped. It’s fantastic what artists put up. There is a wealth of drawing and assistance from talented professionals. I came across a few including this phenomenal tutorial by Paris Christou that made me feel a bit more confident about the software I was attempting to use.
It has been a few days of practice and work so far with incremental but encouraging success. Right away I realize that colors are the immediate issue, along with shading and texture. I still don’t even really know what color Silly and Sam’s clothes are! I’ll keep plugging away at it until I feel they are just right… or right enough… or I’m not sure. I’m hanging in there, and loving the experience. Thanks for visiting.

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