Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm Authentic She Answered

Working on my children's story. In this sketch I have been putting together Silly (not drawn) is in shock about a girl hiding behind the bookshelf. He can't believe his eyes.
He wonders if she could be real (of course she is).
She answers that she's authentic alright, in her playful extroverted cute way.
Only issue is I am not sure if I am finding the essence of her semi oblivious energy. I'm looking for a balance of that cute innocent pride and came up with these scribblings.
I'll be posting these through my twitter as well looking for feedback. I'm just not sure what kind of pose I want to go with. I am thinking of doing an original print giveaway for whichever pose I pick. Please help and vote by re tweeting or favoriting what I tweet out.
It's still excellent practice. We'll see how this keeps developing.
Thanks so much.

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