Monday, October 20, 2014

A Dog at Dinner

A poem about my brother's dog:

Never invite a dog to eat
Or he will surely take a seat.
And when he finds his chair to sit
He will eat until he's sick:
Mashed potatoes, served for 4?
Cook up double, I'll have four more!
Steak and fries? My owe my!
I'll eat all that mommy can buy!
I've never had a plate and fork.
Don't need it now, pass me the pork!
Brussels Sprouts for Grandpa John?
Tell him sorry, 'cause now they're gone!
And sweet potatoes, filled to the top?
That's all you got? That's not a lot!
Hey, pass the gravy over here,
In fact, keep that and that, also near.
I'm not concerned about dessert,
Out of order never hurts!
No no, what's this? A bib from you?
Oh, if it stains, I'll eat it too.
Hurry hurry, there's not much time.
I'm rushing quick to have key lime!
No, it's not next, nor is it last.
I'm eating everything, very fast.
Oh, I am full, but can't stop now,
I'll never quit having this chow.
Don't be appalled, for I'm a dog.
Though I'm acting like a hog.
Wait wait, hold on, I need some air,
Don't take the food, leave it there.
It's just a break, I've gained some weight.
What time is it? It feels so late.
I'm having trouble staying up,
So that's why you have coffee cups!
I promise mommy, I love you.
But from now on, no more dry food...

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