Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simple Simple Storytelling

Here’s a posting a second sketch up of the kind of idea I have been working with. It’s a lot simpler approach to the slightly more detailed panels I have been doing or imagining before (none of them are detailed, but I guess I have been envisioning them a certain way.)
With my level of drawing skill and only 9 months time of dedicated learning I have been doing my best to focus on my strengths. Being more honest about what I can do has made the process of putting together at least these smaller images a bit more efficient. And if I look at things a certain way, the more efficient drawing could lead to more efficient storytelling. At the level of audience I am aiming for, that wouldn’t necessarily hurt.
I’ve taken several trips to the bookstore recently for some random inspiration here and there, and some of the books on the shelf seriously put my piddling efforts to shame. But as I went through a lot of them I saw that some are more picture than book, and some are not much book at all. Granted, these are established authors who have far more accomplishments that what I have done, but who’s to say I cannot perceive a children’s book a certain way… and critique?
I did however come across some great storytelling by MoWillems. His Elephant and Piggie book series is brilliant. Simply done and adept, it does so much of the job with so little ink. That’s mastery of minimalism- something I am really really out of my league with. But it did leave a proper effect on what I should be focusing on more for myself. Thanks for visiting. 

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