Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Doodle On

Drawing up storyboard ideas in pencil and ink has been a lengthy yet fulfilling process. (I probably sound like a baby because it's only been a few months.)
Periodically I'd get a little stumped about what to draw and then have to learn how to draw it after figuring it out. Its created hiccups in regards to the pace of my work- having to stop and learn. But I took this past labor day weekend to chill out for a bit and not give it so much thought. While flipping around the pencil aimlessly I found myself winging it a little bit.
I picked up on the @daily_doodle twitter feed started taking up the drawing prompts to fool around and realized the great benefits of this kind of creative exercise.
I bet I look like a total novice saying that...
Anyway, I figured I should post some of the stuff I'd drawn over the holiday.
One of them was a Daily_doodle of Uncle Scrooge, and the other was a random playful image of Silly and Sam goofing around. That was a first. Probably should credit @daily_doodle with that one. Turned out to be something I really enjoyed.
Thanks for visiting. 

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