Friday, July 11, 2014

Second Storyboard Draft

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This is a bit of the idea I have been working on for my second panel. Again, I am trying to keep the entire story visuals simple. I'm not incredibly prepared to jump into whole sets and scenes yet considering this story begins at night anyway. I want the reader to get an idea and allow for the words coupled with the images to help build the imagination. So many of the best children's books are done so well that a proper combination of words and pictures elicit an idea in the reader's mind that creates a setting that becomes bigger than life. Some of the best children's authors do this, across many eras, from the classic Carroll and Milne to the more contemporary Dr. Seuss. That's a little bit of a high bar for me, but I think I understand the quality of subtle coupling in a story.
At the moment while I aim for the best, I have this in front of me right now. it's a huge help to start getting the actual story images down. The words all of a sudden read a lot differently to me. It's a terrific trial and error period. I think the words of the book would fill in above on the right. Let me know what you think!  

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