Monday, July 7, 2014

Practice and an Action Sketch

Like I previously mentioned, I am going to just start throwing some more stuff up just as a general track of progress. I’m still doing a lot of playing with my characters and am trying to get a little more action in them to help be loose and creative with them.
My girl, Sam, is still very static though. I don’t know how happy I am with her yet. I think I did it to myself by declaring her harder to work on than Silly long before I ever started working in earnest to create them. A self fulfilling problem I made for myself.
Anyways, here are a few practice drawings. In one I did of Silly, you’ll see him riding on a wheelbarrow with a cape. No he doesn’t have a cape in my book, and there isn’t a wheelbarrow either.  It looks more like a Radio flyer. Heck I don’t know. I just decided to do it. If you look at his hands I messed up with the bar and handle. Ha. Live and learn. It’s a lot more freeing to just throw stuff up on the blog. Good and bad, right?
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