Monday, July 28, 2014

Panels and Storyboards

I recently ran some of my images drawings past a few people and have gotten more positive feedback from the pictures with less word than pictures with more words. This made me think tow and three times about what I am up to.
To explain myself, when I originally began to plot this children’s story out, I began by looking at industry norms and saw that a vast majority of the children’s books published seemed to go by the picture guidelines of printing in multiples of 8. Meaning 24 pages, 32 pages, 40 pages, 48 pages…
I initially thought I would aim for 32 pictures/pages and give myself enough time to complete this goal by year’s end. Also I saw that I could break the story down into the standard format that appeared to be the most popular, 32. But as I began to draw I saw that the effectiveness of the words was changing. I took another 100 out actually to make them more effective. But there was still too much going on in the story. The opening panels weren’t able to display everything I was trying to say. I found that as I had been drawing, and doodling between sessions, that the story became more difficult to work with leaving the images stagnant and boring.
So as I mentioned in my previous post I began to cut up, divide, have fun, and play with things. I added more pictures and using fewer words in each panel. I am sure in the end I might have someone tell me my story lacks pace, or that it doesn’t fit their printing formats… or something. But frankly, that’s not where I am at yet. I started recognizing that I spent too much time worrying about writing for an imaginary publisher or something (if I even get that far) and not writing for the sake my story. Sometimes it takes that extra day or two or week or month to realize what your doing isn’t right, or isn’t fair to your own creative process. Sometimes I get a little caught up in trying to make sure that what I am doing is worthwhile. But in some reflective way, I realize that doing anything at all is what gives your project the meaning and value you hope you can get for it. Random diary-ish post. Thanks for visiting.

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