Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Opening Storyboard

I’ve begun preliminary drawings of my story boards for this children’s book. I don’t even have a title for it yet. I think I am going to offer to anyone who can help me with one a free copy signed for sure. Anyone have any suggestions? Still plenty of time, believe me.
Anyways, here is an idea of what I think I would like the opening to be like. I would like to keep the style as simple as possible, not overly dynamic. I enjoy the cartoonish-ness about it. I am not some kind of seasoned illustrator. For me, it’s about the message, not an exercise of my awesome (crappy) skills.
This is the opening idea. Pardon my bad hand writing. I kind of pasted it in. I have about 32 to do, but the more I begin to play with it, the more I am unsure. But let’s just start putting sample panels out and see how it comes along. This is a rough at the moment. Kind of fun to do. Thanks for visiting.

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