Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back on Track

I've been a little behind on the posts recently. Probably because I had little to produce that was remotely worthwhile. But after putting some thought into it (I nodded off a few times watching TV) I decided to stop filtering my work and will post the good with the bad. The scribbles with the decent, the alright stuff and the not so alright stuff.
I'm quite the pitiful talent. Can you believe I think what I post is okay? I'm probably being a little hard on myself but I promise it's all in good fun.
A quick update: I am pretty confident in my boy Silly but not as pleased with Sam. The boots, skirt, and top are all still in dire need of a few good tweaks. I've gone back to working on her cute shape as a foundation. I'll get there with her. Eventually when I get things right I'd like to play with my kids and have some fun.
Different poses and interactions. It should be good when I get there.
Anyway, I posted a couple hand practice drawings. It's great exercise to do a few here and there. I did about 17 the other night.
I roughly inked a few for a clearer image on the blog.
I'm still hoping to get this accomplished by the end of the year.
Thanks for visiting.

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