Friday, June 13, 2014

Update Silly and Sam

I haven't been posting as much recently. Not due to lack of work but only because I felt that I had little to offer in terms of progress.
Things at this point are going smoothly though as I am busy putting together my story more and more building a complete project.
I have what I consider the general concept of my two little tikes, Silly and Sam. It took two months to try and figure out this original pair. They aren't finished yet but I am very pleased with the preliminary results.
I recently picked up the rough draft of their story again and began storyboarding it as well. I cut the story up into 32 panels. I'm pretty set this is going to be the number I work with. I have been aware as well for some time that working in multiples of 8 was standard practice because that's how traditional publishers cut the paper. 24 was a possibility but with 1500 words, that was not going to be an easy fit.
Speaking of words, I actually have less than 1500 now. So that box can be checked. While sorting out my panels along with what I envisioned in my head, I realized that with words and pictures put together, pictures save you the time spent explaining so much. So as it turns out I now have closer to 1400 words instead!
If this all seems obvious please forgive me. I've never done this before so there's probably a lot more obvious things left for me to learn.
So to review:
I have a completed rough draft and have concept characters somewhat figured out.
The story rhymes and it will be 32 panels or pages long.
The boy's name is Silly and the girl's name is Sam.

We're getting there. Almost half way through the year spent learning to draw and create a children's book. That's my update for the moment.
Now... time for a little Happy Hour!

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