Friday, June 6, 2014

Introducing My 2nd Character: Sam

It’s been nearly 5 months since I began this blog. It’s been a bit of trial and error, slow learning, and enjoyable progress. The first few months were dedicated strictly to learning how to draw. I knew nothing before then. It was bad. Boxes and circles were a challenge. Eventually I began working on my first character for my children’s book. I dedicated the entire month of April to working on his creation, and did it. His name is Silly.
Then, I spent the entire month of May struggling to produce my hero character, a girl. It was a painful, over thought, and laborious. I have moments where I over worked the details and struggled. I lost my free hand and began to meticulous take apart every flaw in my drawings until I felt I was getting nowhere. I tried to keep the lines simple, and did, but even then it became worse! I put down the drawing for a week and gave up on the “end of May” deadline. My character still isn’t finished yet, and there is no introduction like last time. But I am definitely going to introduce you to her none the less. She’s still a work in progress. So forgive me. She and I (and Silly) will continue to grow and develop together. She’s the heroine of my children’s book (and series hopefully).
Everyone thank you for your thousands of visits. I appreciate it. This is Sam.

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