Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Progress, Finally

It’s been a fledgling month. Last month I worked on my boy and over the course of 30 days, with limited training I was able to put him together, or as I say, “find him.”
The last 28 days has been nothing but a pain in the butt. In a recent conversation I had about this I was told that I have been setting myself up for difficulties months in advance. I started this project learning how to draw the very basics. I was drawing lines and ovals, boxes and bowls, and eventually contours and facial features. I began in late February to start to voice my troubles with drawing girls and all I did was lay a mental foundation of how difficult it was. I was getting detailed about it too, calling girl features finely detailed and nuances, describing them as harder than boys to draw. I still think it’s true, but I was so consistently voicing it that by the time I got around to drawing my girl character I was talking about it more than ever. Instead of drawing and learning and scribbling and scratching away happily like I did with my boy, I have been agonizing over every line that wasn’t right about the girl. I was troubled by the process instead of enjoying it. That was the conversation.
I have no tips today. Except maybe when taking on a project, that mistakes are more a lesson in what not to do and how to get closer to doing something write.
That sounds like a cheesy quote or something- statement of the obvious kind of stuff. Anyways, I am getting closer and feeling more optimistic. I dedicated all of April to the boy and all of May to the girl, and really I might go past May 31st for the girl. But that’s okay. Technically I am an artist! Artists are notoriously bad when it comes to deadlines. Badum-dum.
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