Monday, May 19, 2014

Playing with Hair

This weekend I began to play more with hair after I took some advice about it. I have been trying to create a character with a little more spunk and flair, nothing too big, but some kind of youthful energy that has been hard for me to attain. I tried only two or three hairstyles, but nothing incredibly different. I always have a wide eyed girl, with a strong grin, but she was lacking. I’m still not there yet, but I have a few new looks. There is absolutely an energy and presence that can be found in playing with hair. One my sketches got a nice approval from friends. You’ll see her down below. It’s the ponytail. I’m still working on it. 
One little development that has been occurring over time is my comfort with the pen or ink. When I first started learning how to draw, I went through the painstaking and necessary process of using pencil, paper, and eraser to learn the basics (I probably still need work on that.. I always do). But in my scavenging for tips, tricks, standards, and lessons, I was encouraged to get comfortable with nothing but the ink: to embrace my mistakes, not try to be perfect, etc… I almost kind of developed enough of an affinity towards ink that I don’t like the pencil as much for anything now. I won’t abandon it, but ink and making mistakes is more fun. When I do use the pencil, I can still feel the compulsion to stop and correct something, and that does take the joy of sketching away a little bit. It’s a thought.  To anyone who is reading this, keep a loose hand and lightly play with a pen or marker every now and then instead of opting for the pencil. It is worthwhile. Thank for visiting!

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