Saturday, May 17, 2014

More Character Designing

It's not been an easy road. I am still struggling to find the right personality.
I want energy and youth. A bit of zeal and naïve innocence.
My boy is no stooge. He's an innocent boy, but the girl. She needs a flair that I can't pin down just yet. She's the hero. That's why I am struggling with this. It has to be right. Choosing the hero to me is important. Being that this is a children's book and only 1500 words she needs to pop.
The words are one thing. I am still quietly tinkering that. But the face and presence I hope work hand in hand with the lines.
I've been a little negative the last few posts. I hope it's not unappealing. Just the process. And at this point I am still feeling a bit of the limitations on my skill.
I will keep working and take in a few lessons. We'll see.  Below are some of my experimental ventures into my Sketchbook Pro.
I draw on paper and get it on the tablet and re draw again. It's fun, but a different surface. Thanks for visiting.

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