Thursday, May 1, 2014

Introducing my 1st Character

In the beginning of April I made a soft declaration that I would spend the better part of the month learning how to create my first original character. It was more of a search than anything else. Every time I drew him he was different, and the creation of my character became more of a hunt.
I drew boys that were older, younger, rounder, slimmer, and plain weird. I found there were some features I liked as well. One character had the kind of nose I liked, and the next had the kind of eyes I liked. One had the right build. One had the right collar. I was in the midst of a character Frankenstein.
I did learn through all of this how to draw imaginatively. It was part construction, and part design by way of accident. I’ve learned without question that part of the difficulty of design is releasing the controls and troubleshooting time and time again. You don’t leave it all to chance. I didn’t sketch with my eyes closed. But I certainly had to learn to make mistakes almost on purpose.
So now it’s May 1st and my month is up. And this is what I’ve got. He’s who I am looking for and I can almost guarantee you his appearance will continue to evolve. But the first time I drew him, I could finally hear the voice in my head coming off of the page and I knew that this was him. He’s not as rumpled yet as I imagined him, as he is in pajamas. But he is who he is. He’s my boy character in my boy/girl duo.
His name is Silly. Thanks for visiting. 

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