Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Drawing: A How To List

Learning to draw has been a unique struggle. It’s been fulfilling, exasperating, tiring, fun, and sometimes really annoying. Given that I have had no formal training for this I am relatively pleased with the progress so far. But I have had some shortcomings that I have needed to be regularly conscious of. They’ve been amateurish things like getting over the necessity for perfection, which is gripping the pencil tight and agonizing over getting every line right. And then, just as frequently, developing one skill and then stunting my development elsewhere because I keep practicing the one thing I am decent at.
It is good to understand what you are good at and to use it as a strength, but not to the detriment of your weaknesses. Art and drawing is a very unique experience. Every sketch begins a new slate, and going in with the same approach every time will seriously hinder your growth.
Being that I’ve had no formal training for this entire venture in children’s book making (and learning how to draw), I’ve found a few really great resources over the past few month I would like to share. A few of them are books, and plenty of them are YouTube tutorials. Some of the tutorials are excellent for beginners, and some of them are a little advanced but very well explained.  I’m sure if you are a scrapper like me, you may have seen these pages already but hopefully this will be a good go to list for little knickknacks to learn.
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