Thursday, May 8, 2014

Character Designing my Girl

I began my work last week on drawing the girl character and she has admittedly been harder than the boy, Silly. From the onset of this venture drawing girls always proved to be tougher. There are subtle differences in the girl, the angle of the eyes, the sophisticated nuances of the head shape. It is really easy to try and draw and girl and wind up with something flat and unappealing. Girls (hate to say it for pc reasons) always seem to have this beauty to them, whether its Barbie, Disney, or just a cutesy magnetism to them.
I thought about this and why, but this is a form of entertainment and there has to be an attraction to the reader. Sure there are many examples of not so pretty characters. Take for example the Hunchback of Notre Dame. But he had a charming humility to him. And the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, c’mon, that was the nicest pretty beast I’d ever seen.
Anyways, I am getting off to rambling. If I am wrong I am wrong, but I think I am more than 50% right. Here are a few drawings of my girl character. These are the first. I know. I am way off right now. She is a little too mature for the moment. I have one energetic younger brighter girl. I will keep working on her. I got to get her down to Silly’s maturity level.  Thanks for visiting.

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