Monday, April 21, 2014

Dealing with Procrastination

It’s been 20 days of scribbling and doodling my first character and I still have not come to a definitive conclusion on what I want my boy to look like. I've been leaving it to a bit of chance by drawing, sketching, and scratching out different faces, noses, and shirt collars hoping one will strike me as “The One.” But it hasn’t happened yet. And I think part of it is that I am not focused enough on it. I’m doing lazy work. I am active and I have put down dozens of ideas, but the use to trial an error has left me feeling a like a procrastinator. So I have decided to put up a post about just that. Dealing with slacking off.
I’ll be brief and as I go about listing some things to consider when avoiding procrastination:

  • ·         Know what you are doing when procrastinating: we often don’t really just sit there and do nothing. We more often than not make a very conscious decision to do something else. Even if it is as simple as playing on your phone. Procrastination is a choice. So be aware of that.

  • ·         Excuses, excuses, excuses: We can think of a million reasons to not get the job done. Sometimes it’s too hard. Sometimes it’s too intensive. Sometimes there are other things we could do with our time that we convince ourselves is better. But in the end, we still haven’t accomplished what we set out to do. In my case-  I focus on the idea of the intensive. So I scribble without purpose and “draw a head” that really sometimes means nothing and think “oh well, do another.” I am guilty of procrastination even when the pen is on the paper!

  • ·         Cut the bologna: There are a lot of distractions, and sometimes they only way to get over it is to shut them out. We do this when we are in a major bind all the time. We shut out the world- literally- to get things done when we have no choice. So get things done when you do have a choice!

  • ·         Sigh… grow up: We all have to do this at some point. Inside of us all we have that little kid who survives on their feelings. And sometimes that little kid says, “But I don’t want to.” To a child, that’s all the rationale needed to put something off, but not for adults. You have no idea how guilty I am of this every day. I can rely on that justification for anything, but it has never served me any good in the end. So try your best not to fall for that reasoning either.

Below I have more lazy sketches. They are less fulfilling after writing this post, haha. But a little honesty never hurt. A meaningful reflection might be exactly what was needed. Thanks for visiting.  

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