Thursday, April 10, 2014

Creating From Imagination

I started the opening construction of my first character in my children's book, and for the moment he is a bit crude. I spent some time exploring the practices of other illustrators to help and learned a few good tips when it came to imaginative drawing.
1. When you try to draw creatively, build a mental library. Look at something. Copy it. Then get rid of your subject and start with a brand new sheet. Your imagination after doing this several times will begin to fill in the holes your memory fails to complete.
2. Use a pen or ink. This was so hard for me. I realized I was obsessing over trying to draw well and was using my eraser so much that I was actually losing confidence in my strokes. Sketching in pen and ink meant commitment to my lines and broadening my margin for error. By doing this I was getting more drawing done and more drawing means better drawing (eventually I hope).
3. Don't worry about being perfect. By focusing on every small thing I was making the task bigger and tougher. In order to create a character I want I had to make a few I didn't, and maybe even begin to form a clearer picture on the page of who I'm really thinking of.
Below you'll see a few scribbles I've done, some too awkward, too old, too this, too that, and some who have just a little bit of what I'm looking for, pieces here and there. Thanks for visiting.

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