Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Creating a Character

Its been almost 4 months since I began this project. There have been several days where the practice and lessons made my goal to write and illustrate a children's book seem daunting. And others where I concentrated and kicked butt on most of my lines to motivate myself to go an extra hour.
After learning about circles, spheres, squares, faces, arms and legs, personalities and perspectives , I paused my sketching and realized the time has come for me to test my skills and begin with the next phase of my venture. I'm going to slowly began my character design and creation.
That means by the end of this month I will have my first character drawn to completion.
In the beginning I said this was a story about two cute characters, a boy and a girl. My first character creation will be the boy. I decided to go for him first because I found boys to be simpler. My boy character is quite simple too. He has bed head and only wears pajamas. Yes, that's something I haven't mentioned before.
The girl is a little more dynamic anyway. Plus I always feel there is an added sophistication to draw and girls that is an obviously present in boys that makes girls more complex.
I've had a vision in my mind what I wanted the boy to look like, but needed some study characters to work with to know how to get there. After hunting for the right "study" I found exactly what I was looking for. My character's inspiration is drawn (figuratively speaking) from Hogarth of the Iron Giant, Pinocchio, and Little Nemo. It's exciting to think I've gotten this far and I will get even further, and closer, to my goal. I'm still well on my way. Time to get to creating my boy. Wish me luck.
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