Thursday, March 27, 2014

Writing and Reality

I decided on a whim to begin the preliminary process of cutting up my children story into panels. No, I don't have finished character mockups yet but I figured out of curiosity to see how many different illustrations I would need to make.
Well, it turns out I was in for a naive and rude awakening. I had too many panels and discover definitively that I did in fact have way too many words. 1859 needed to be reduced! It needed to be reduced because it had to.
I was all over the place with how I envisioned my story and paneling it would have to be put off. It was time for a true addict. I'm not discouraged at all by this. I've spent this week doing a lot of riding with some therapeutic sketching in between. The sketching is getting to a stage where I enjoy looking at a few things, and through my practice I've been able to copy them in my own style. I even began to develop some real interest in a few animated characters that may serve as inspiration for what I may be trying to create. I'll talk about that with a little bit more detail in my next post.
As for now, this week has been all about the writing and the word count is so much more important than I realize. It's not restrictive at all either. It's a prerequisite, and a very good one. It insists upon a discipline I did not think I had to exercise before. I look forward to digging in. I know am still that I'm moving in the right direction and that is why I am NOT down. At all.
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