Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's My Real Goal

Every day I have dedicated a little down time on my phone or tablet browsing Twitter, hunting around for any sort of nugget of inspiration and insight. I also encounter Illustrators’ works to help keep up the motivation to pursue this goal of writing a children’s book. I don’t agree with the notion that inspiration is necessary for commitment, but do believe that cultivating the drive for working towards a goal is something you should practice keeping up from time to time.
I’ve found a lot of incredible work. Anything from the entrepreneurial minded approach, to the doodling of an artist I have been following. I’ve come across great blog posts on Entrepreneur or appealing sketches on Sketch Dailies. Please visit them, or feel free to browse through my twitter feed for anything I follow that might interest you.
Recently, I came across a thoughtful post on The Write Practice about what my end game is. The article asked about what my final goal really is. I know I have stated before that my goal was to create a children’s book from the ground up, but it was an honest question worth asking. I wasn’t going to dedicate my year to doing this and then not share it. Was I going to try and make money? I was I trying to become the next “big thing”? Did I have something in mind? To be formally published?
I gave this question some thought. Though it’s not what I would consider to be sustainable fuel, the answer did give me a positive boost towards this goal of making this project come true. My end game was essentially this: To make this story and share it with as many f******* people as possible.
Share-share- share.
With a story in hand I could meet an infinite number of people with something terrific to dispense. Introducing my work to Kids, Parents, Enthusiasts, Book fairs, Flea Markets, Children’s Hospitals, Volunteer readings, Family, Friends (I’m capitalizing because they are all important.) would be a wonderful life experience. My End Game is to broaden my world and share something positive. Money would be great too. I don’t mind being sincere about it. If I made a buck, and someone enjoyed the story then I could make another with more time and freedom (which is probably less freedom) afforded with that buck.
I really don’t have an avenue for this at all. I have had a number of people tell me to begin seeking out publishers with my idea. I’ve had others tell me to E-Publish with great enthusiasm. I’ve had some tell me to do a little of everything. E-Publish, self-publish, go to book fairs, read to people, get a publisher to help you, a small time publisher, a big time publisher, an any kind of publisher, etc…
It’s not because I have the greatest idea in the world. It’s simply because I have an idea, so everyone enjoys providing helpful input, and I appreciate it. There is a lot to consider, but it’s safe to say I’ve come to a point where I am beginning to develop a true End Game Idea. My question to you is: With the End Game to share as much as possible, as accessibly as possible, what is the actual route to get there?
I started trying out some basic color in my lessons. Thanks for visiting.

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