Monday, March 3, 2014

Personality In Poses

My next session taught me the nuances of personality through full action poses. Having a cartoon perform a small gesture, or more interactive placement of body crated characters with more than just a mood about them. Personalities finely entwined with poses could relay a more dynamic feeling. It’s what truly makes characters more colorful than just plain happy or sad. They can be disappointed, enthused, or sometimes devious. As a lover of cartoons, it’s something I realize I have taken for granted. Learning how to draw is really understanding the manipulation of lines to draw the exact reaction you want from the viewer. Expressions do not just stop at the eyes and mouth. It involves the entire body sometimes. Some important things I was taught to utilize when creating personality within a character are: posture, shoulder action, head tilts, tummy in/out, proud vs sunken chests, knees, arms in place, and hands in motion.
In this lesson I drew pandas. They were a good subject, an animal that could be drawn simpler and not over worked while trying to get down the hands and other small details. Big fluffy paws are easier. Check out some of the sketches below. It took more time than you would think. I don’t know whether that’s a good sign or not, but I think I got down the personalities pretty decent. I even made a little funny in one.  Not sure how pc it is. Just another step in the right direction. Thanks for visiting.

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