Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Original Cartoons

I’ve begun to slowly wean myself off of just learning how to draw and begun what I now realize is the agonizing process of creating original characters and story. I understand that I may not be anywhere close to ready, but in order for me to make my goal of doing this in a year, I have to tackle this head on and deal with a number of things that currently stand in my way:
Character creation.
Character studies.
Story Boarding.
Editing and tinkering with my rough draft.
Learning how to color.
I have not even decided how I will eventually mount my art work. Will I create completed board and scan? Will I, geez, I don’t know, eventually use software for this?
On a drawing update, I recently purchased a new book, Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair. I was excited about this. It’s still learning, but more like learning on the job- making my characters and learning how to make characters in general all at the same time. I was engulfed in the techniques and basics of drawing and understanding how to see, but now I have slowly begun to turn over a new leaf and think more creatively instead of just learning to copy/build sketches.
I’ll continue to post practice as I learn. I’ve picked up from many illustrator blogs that practicing is something that never ends, and that means more than just drawing what you intend to draw. Sometimes it’s just practicing and drawing what you see, or doing an exercise off of someone else’s work or out of my lesson books.
I’m a bit overwhelmed by the rising incline of the challenge of creating a story as I approach the actual original content itself. Sigh... Enough blogging back to work…

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