Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On Writing my Children's Book

I've spent about 99 percent of this blog dedicated to my development with drawing. My mission was that in the course of one year I would complete a children's book from scratch. Its been a terrific first two months of learning and I thank you for taking the time to view any of my work. But in all the time taken out to post my progress I've failed to mention anything at all having to do with my writing. It would probably serve me well to communicate that now considering that children's books, believe it or not, are made with words.
Before I begin this blog I had a clear idea about what I wanted to do. My story was a little ambitious. I wanted to be original but maintain a classic touch of storytelling. I wanted it to be fun and funny. I wanted it to be sophisticated and interesting. I wanted adults to enjoy reading it as much as a child would. I wanted adult to enjoy reading it to their children. I wanted to think big. I haven't imagined being a bestselling author, but that didn't mean I wouldn't give my best effort to make the very best piece of work that I possibly could. I took my time carving out a complete rough copy, and I am done. It's not nearly a finished story as there is so much work left to do. But proudly this step is complete.
There are a few things I'd like to share about what I have so far (I'm positive I'll be sharing more as I work):
It's almost exclusively two characters, a boy and a girl.
It is currently 1859 words.
It rhymes, the whole thing.
And it has that bit of classic I always wanted to pen.
The boy and girl are my personal creations, two runts that I have written about before. They have a repoire I developed once before in the past. But this story starts their relationship over from the beginning and I think by the time you meet them you'll find them quite amusing.
The word count is important. I've done some research before and found that almost uniformly 1500 words is already really pushing it. So I've got to be concise, smart, and economical.
The rhyming is something I love and aspired to do. I'm a fan of Dr Seuss and wordplay. I love rhythm and pace. I love well timed verse. That's as enjoyable as song. To me its added play. It's the style I take joy in writing.
And that bit of classic I mention, I hope you will see (or read) what I mean. It's up to me to finish though. But for now, today, it's one step closer. I will be talking more about my writing and illustrations as they begin to merge. It's happening, and its been a few months now that I've worked to get to this point. It's a very exciting time and I mean it sincerely now as much as I ever have before: If there is anything you've always wanted to do, DO IT. The road alone is worth it whether you succeed or fail. I already know the next ten months will be worth it.
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