Sunday, March 2, 2014

Drawing Tutorials on YouTube

This post is a bit of a departure from the recent things that I have been doing. I did a few sketches on YouTube with the same author I have been learning from for the past month. Chris Hart has been an excellent teacher for an introductory student like me. It's not always been easy. Some days it's felt repetitive and dull. Some days have been frustrating and tiresome. And some days have been terrific. But every time it's been progress, and that is something I mean.
I won't ramble on... sorry.
Visit his YouTube page. It's full of simple exercises. He's pretty fast and you might have to pause a few times, but he walks you through and does a phenomenal job explaining how to draw. In my sketches below I drew a very pissed off squirrel and a stylish girl in his instructional on body dynamics. Thanks for visiting.

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