Saturday, March 1, 2014

Character Posture

My next lesson in character construction exercises dealt with posture. Everything about drawing once you get some of the basics down is very focused on how you portray your subjects through how they stand and what their limbs are doing. Below I did some work on how the character is engaged. He or she could be slumped, dragging, lazy, upright and attentive, or maybe even a little bit (in one silhouette) demanding. Posture is the most basic part of body language. There are generally speaking four major postures: forward leaning, backward slouching, neutral, and lazy legged. And from the front: one bent leg, one leg out, legs tight together, legs apart, and crossing over.
I also decided to do a little extra curricular practice in drawing a kid villain. Looks a little like cartoon Justin Bieber.
I will be getting into clearer personality display next, which I look forward to. It's been a terrific growth experience with this venture into illustration. Thanks for visiting.

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