Monday, March 10, 2014

Cartooning in Perspective

Drawing everything in proper perspective is important. it will makes the objects and characters in the scene fit well together. However, not every perspective is the same. They can be different from page to page. Sometimes the perspective is subtle. Sometimes exaggerating fits the sentiment of the moment better. It depends on what the animator is trying to accomplish. In this lesson I worked on the one point perspective. I drew from behind my main character as he looked at the fish on top of the night table. This vantage point added to the lure of the fish. In order to get the fish the cat must jump up from where is in order to do something bad.
I created this particular drawing using a perspective vanishing point. Vanishing points were something I learned in my previous lesson book. The vanishing point on this example was above the object and off the page because the cat was so close and so small compared to the table. Using those lines I could build the rest of the scene in proper view. The bight table was a simple drawing. It was only a few lines. The cat was not as hard as it used to be either.
I am beginning to realize that I am developing a halfway decent eye for understanding simple shapes. This drawing was not as difficult as I assumed it to be. The nightstand was a simple construction of line, using proper perspective. Two small ovals to create the torso, front and hind legs, made the cat. It is the first time I looked at a photo without step by step instruction and knew what to do. This was a graduation from novice nothing to at apprentice copier. Thanks for visiting.

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