Friday, March 14, 2014

Cartooning, Finally

In my previous post about the Hemingway app I tested out the opening lines of my children's book and got immediate feedback from it that was better than expected. It was a nice departure from all the drawing talk thats probably too remedial or monotonous anyways :)
Posting about my beyond the specific scope of my learning was fun and something I'd like to do more of. That being said, there was something lacking from my original entry aside from the usual wit and earth shattering revelations. I wanted more than words and decided to do a cartoon specifically for the post after I completed it. I never made an honest effort drawing up something on the original side but I figured I'd learn enough to give it a shot. At first I wanted to draw a portrait of Hemingway but that turned out to be an utter bomb. I wound up taking a photo of Hemingway and illustrating a perfect Fidel Castro. I looked around for a easier Hemingway and decided it was better to get less serious and aim for a more fun approach. I haven't been learning how to do portraiture or fine art anyway. I've been learning to cartoon.
I hunted around and found some comical inspiration that led me to try something I didn't think I was ready to do yet. Still, I stumbled upon an easy image of someone at a desk and gave it a good look over. I broke down the image into shapes, simplified it, and found myself with a visual template I could play with. That's what I started doing... Cartooning.
This was the first time I created something fairly original. A proud, small moment. It's been nearly two months of posting and finally I produce something. I was happy with it and kind of eager to do more. Even now the feeling of first approaching an original work is still new enough that it still feels a little bit too big of a task. I will do more, along with my children's story too. Below are some more practice drawings I've been doing. Thanks for visiting.

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