Saturday, February 8, 2014

Two Point Perspective

In the next lesson I learned how to draw a tower in the two point perspective. The two point perspective used two guide dots on a horizon line to draw an object above and below my eye level. Following that short lesson I learned how to draw a tower with multiple levels using the two point perspective. For both of these lessons I had to use a ruler to help align myself. I felt more like an amateur architect than a cartoonist or a sketcher but I did learn a valuable lesson, that using any and all objects as tools to illustrate accurately is more than okay. There is no cheating unless you're copying. There was more to the two point perspective than I could have bothered to notice. It took a lot of meticulous line drawing, ruling, and sketching in order to make it accurate enough to be believable.
I didn't post one photo though because I wanted to keep the number of images down, but I did a very vanilla city in a two point perspective. It was nothing special but it was still interesting.
After that I drew some Marquee block letters. This one I said "HI"
I'm nearly complete with all of my work as I have been putting in an hours time on some occasions or 2 to 3 hours times practice. I don't know if I have been giving enough effort towards this lesson book but I have been doing each one step by step, and I've learned that I have more than a zeros worth of talent for this kind of thing. Nothing I would ever claim to be special but I have built some confidence, enough I guess. That's got to be the first step to proving any sort of ability whatsoever. Thanks for visiting.

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