Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silly Looking Parents

After working with teenagers the next thing I tackled were the silly looking parents. Up first was the clueless dad. He's generally a nice guy but a bit oblivious to the things that are going on with his children. He is always under the impression that everything is great no matter how mischievious his runts are. According to him, they are always good kids. He's always a little out of touch with reality.
The mom I created below is a bit more with it. Or at least she tries to be. She's kind hearted and very chipper, but no matter how well she tries to keep up with the times, there's always a bit of cheesiness about her. She's got a little bit of that post baby belly pouch and the mom jeans butt look too, haha.
I can't really knock her too much even though she's just a sketch she's still a pretty cartoon lady.
As you can see below I practiced a few times with the shapes of them before committing to a final illustration. Thanks for visiting.

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