Thursday, February 13, 2014

From Basic Shapes to Characters

I started my next lesson by learning how to create a fox using the rectangle shape. After that I worked with basic sketch guidelines on a circle to produce a wary looking boy and his less than thrilled baby sitting dog. I didn't originally create them as a pair with that relationship, but it seemed fun to do so. Just like that, in a single sketch up, I was making something pretty fun.
After doing that my confidence built. (I realize I talk a lot about confidence but I mean it. This is a constant battle with it. It's part of the personal growth of learning something new. Confidence up, confidence down.)
I worked on some eyes, expressions, a henchman (which was pretty cool to do) and... well, as you can see, I am pretty sure that I need to get better at sketching females. 
Sigh... no matter what I do I'll never understand girls ;)

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