Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Experimenting with Styles

I started this next lesson still working from the book. I began by working on a funny but overwhelmed manager. A guy just a bit out of his league with the daunting hard to swallow information on a simple clip board. The bumbling dufus type with a well earned white collar belly.
The next drawing however was a minor departure from the book. I stayed within my range and stuck with Chris Hart. In fact I found his YouTube page full of lessons. It was an excellent supplement to what I was learning already. You can find his YouTube page here.
It's not as easy to keep up with as you have to pause often to keep all the steps in line. I do also caution one small thing. He does have his own style so beware not to kill yourself trying to do it stroke for stroke his way.
But after watching a few otherwise fun tutorials, I picked a very easy retro dad face. It looked a little classic and simple and proudly came out great. Check it out below.
The third and last drawing was a Manga type girl. She was very simple as well. She was not as easy as you might think because spacing is still important. I did not do a perfect job and I'm not a fan of my work on the eyes,  but it was also a positive learning experience.
Just a quick word before I go. Thank you very much to every visitor. I will touch on this subject on a different post but I've been working on this blog quietly. I have only been using Twitter to help with sharing in its existence,  but every visitor has been nothing more than sheer authentic clicking and perhaps some curiosity. I have a count and I passed a small milestone recently. Many thanks again for visiting.

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