Friday, February 7, 2014

Drawing a Room, Then Mine

In this lesson I had to learn about drawing a space from a one point perspective. Using the initial guide dot in the center of the room I was able to create the walls, the floor, the stairs, and the window all in a relatively perfect perspective... including the light fixtures!
I was extremely excited about this as I felt I was able to construct something of a real world background. It only lasted for a moment however, when I was encountered with the lesson challenge of going into a room and drawing one from the naked eye and not a step by step example from the inside of a book.
So I went into my room, closed the door to a crack, and began to sketch what I had seen. What you can view below is the actual sketch of my bedroom. I think this is the first time that I have ever posted something so personal on any website on the internet. It's an unusual feeling considering it's simply an artist depiction of the room, drawn literally, but its far different from a real photo. Those are my feet too :)
I made one error with this room, if you can see with the door, it appears to be drooping. Thanks for visiting! 

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