Sunday, February 16, 2014

Drawing Noses

In the next lesson I took, I worked on all sorts of different types of noses. It was a terrific exercise. There were so many to draw, young and infantile noses, wide, curled, and super big. I learned some simple mouths and incorporated eyes as well to complete some basic character expressions.
I got the opportunity as well to work a bit more with female features. In previous posts I spoke of having issues with creating decent female characters. I learned a few simple tricks to work with when illustrating girls. I had to keep the eyes slightly wider and the nose a little more simple. With females I did snobby, petite, oval, retro, etc...
I did each twice for good measure.  I'm sure I will doodling these even more as time passes. This was fun, and eady to scribble on fown time to improve and get better at. Thanks for visiting.

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