Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Drawing the Mouth

Cartoon mouths are extremely fun and dynamic. They can be big, large, extreme, or dainty and small. In this next lesson I learned that mouths don't necessarily have to mirror the expressions of a character's eyes. The example mentioned in Chris Hart's book, "surprise", will more than likely feature wide eyes with small pupils, however the mouth that accompanies it can be very different. I was given multiple exercises to draw and draw and draw again which I did, and have posted below. Little by little I am learning to assemble whole character faces, and it has been gratifying each time. Funny enough as I've committed myself to drawing, I find myself agonizing ahead of time at the thought of another hour or two scribbling with a pencil and paper, but in the end find joy with this. It's been fun work and I look forward to doing more. Thanks for visiting.

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