Saturday, February 15, 2014

Drawing Facial Features

I began my next lesson by learning how to utilize the features of differing facial expressions. It was explained to me as a difficult task to master, and it really was. However, it occurred to me as I worked at it that my biggest problem with understanding female characters in previous lessons was my inability to properly place their eyes! Placement of the eyes meant everything. Working with females would be something that I would have to revisit, and I'd be better prepared for it when I resumed working with the ladies again.
In the images below (for now) I learned about placing eyes high on the face, low, and right in the middle. The ones in the middle could be subtle with the space to demonstrate despair. Shaping them more, I moved the eyes around, as I did on the bunny helped to create the sympathetic image of pain, or turning them in as I did with the wolf helped to communicate something more sinister. I did more after that to create a cartoon geek, creep, a goofy old king, and even a bit of a high and mighty dude with a strong jaw.
Progress has been coming along well. I'm getting better at understanding the way images are created with placement and planning. As you can see below with all the faces, I bot a lot more things on the page than before. Thanks for visiting!

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