Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dogs Dogs Dogs

My next lesson touched on the difference in nuances of facial expressions. Most often readers encounter simple happy and sad looks. As my lesson book author, Chris Hart, said, "such nondescript looks tell you very little about what character is actually thinking or feeling." There are subtle differences in lines that can be made on a characters face to create different expressions or emotions that are accurate. Perky maybe a better substitute for what is otherwise happy. The same thing with perhaps one who is pleasantly pleased. An animator can also use different expressions in exactly the opposite way as well. First though I had to learn how to draw a dog had using simple shapes, squares, and lines. Once I was able to get down sketching a dog's head I was able to create different images of the "ol mutt" from self confident, to kissy face, to take a sleepy sneak peak. Thanks for visiting! 

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