Thursday, February 27, 2014

Characters in Character

In my most recent lesson I learned about the different characters I could costume. These were all simple and to the point character sketches. Learning how to dress a cartoon character appropriately for the mood is important. Sometimes if you want them to look strong they have to look the part. If they are more of a fun foil then you have to make them look mean but exaggerated to maintain simple humor. And sometimes, sweet is just plain sweet. Creating characters is a lot more like real life than you would realize. It’s all in the eyes and in the hips, literally.
Costumes don’t have to be complicated. All they have to do is relay the feeling that the illustrator is trying to convey. It’s still hard for me to feel like I am doing it because I don’t know how to get from concept and construction to that aha moment when I am looking at my finished drawings. It’s a learning process. I still don’t know I am there until I am there. it’s something I am trying to become more and more accustomed to as I go along.
Below you will see my attempts at drawing a mean but silly looking pirate. He is as unfriendly as he is non-threatening.
Next is my Hula girl, who is peacefully swaying on the beach. Okay, no beach, but that was what I had in mind.
After the Hula girl was my Roman soldier. Slightly mean, maybe too mean to be “heroic” but definitely a strong willed guy. And not somebody who is distracted by the girl I drew after him, my Beauty.
I went online to Chris Hart’s YouTube page to learn how to draw her. Simple. Elegant. Pretty. She was the funnest and easiest to draw. More importantly, I’m started to get the females down! I have had trouble in the past with the eyes on girls and distinguishing between male and female at the end of the pencil point, but I am finally starting to pick it up.
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