Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Beginners Take on Drawing

When I first began this drawing lesson plan I was optimistic about my skill development. I made the decision weeks before and felt with enough concentration over a finite number of chapters, that I would get somewhere more positive. I was determined to be constructive about the experience, and its been incredibly rewarding.
Mark Kistler's You Can Draw in 30 Days was a terrific introductory. It was not filled with an incredible amount of insight, but for someone like myself, it was just the right amount. It was engaging, fun, interesting, and supportive. Yes, it was supportive.
I realize I'm 6 weeks into 2014 and I have a long road to go to illustrate a children's book, but this experience alone has opened my mind to the amount of quality that computer to be produced with a pencil and paper (ink and color - even software to follow). My goals have expanded and I want to learn more than just how to get from where I am now to creating an illustrated book. By that I mean that I have developed a keen interest in the entire field of illustration. I've encountered the support of many online and seen the incredible collections they have amassed with their practice. It has ranged all sorts of categories from cartooning, to fine art, animation, graphic novels, and comic booking. I can't name every category because there are so many, and then so many I don't even know. Each and every one of them has been wildly motivating.
I'm going to continue to doggedly pursue my goal of writing a children's book. However I'm wanting to do more. I'm going to sketch, learn, practice and draw- draw- draw- and cultivate this growing interest. I can tell you now that my goals will extend beyond this book that I'm chasing after. The book was a figurative cold in the furnace of the engine and will continue to be. But I look forward to where all of this wind up. Many thanks to those terrific artists online. And many thanks to you for visiting.

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