Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Draw a Sphere

So let me be fair and honest with anyone who is reading this blog. I am a little bit further ahead in my lesson work, but not by much at all. In short order I will be bringing you to the present. Not one step of this process will be missed. The blog is only on a slight delay as it became a part of this venture shortly after my decision to learn how to draw, as a way to keep my feet to the fire and finish or fail out in the open. I didnt know how to format it, and after a few discussions I decided to just simply begin this as a public journal. So I ask that you pardon me kindly.
The opening pages of You Can Draw in 30 Days were encouraging. I felt like my uncle was about to teach me some neat little pencil tricks. It didnt seem like opening a text book but more like a number of activity lessons. The very first thing I had to do was draw a house, a plane, and a donut. It was nothing close to good. For the amount of time I spent on these, it would have been better if I lied and said this was from a recent game of pictionary. But after this I read on and got a very helpful pep talk.
I will admit though, being in my early thirties, I felt a little goofy "learning how to draw a sphere" but ultimately this simple starter lesson went better than I had hoped.

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