Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Draw a Rose

This lesson initially took me through the simple steps of drawing a bowl. First I started with a foreshortened circle, and the drawing of the body of the bowl.  The body was really kind of a free handed scrawl without much instruction. After the bowl, I was taken step by step through the drawing of a basic flag. I was introduced to the concept of "peeking," which is the little dash on the back side of the flag that gave it depth and and more believable levels- something like that, I'm trying to draw! After a few exercises I drew a wrapped up flag with the same but more layered characteristics. Slowly I was getting there.
Finally I incorporated the bowl I originally drew with the flag and there you have it, my first ever rose. It wasn't the most magnificent thing I have drawn, but learning new basic skills are always a help. Hey, maybe in my children's story I'll have to find a place to leave a bouquet somewhere.

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