Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Draw Koalas

I was excited about this exercise because I was actually drawing something a little more recognizable and fun. Boxes were cool. Stacking was neat (I'm a nerd okay). But now I was making something cute. First though, I had to learn how to sketch up some fuzzy spheres. I confess that I wasn't very good at it. I made several attempts to get it right. Below were my three best. Not that impressive.
The koala was a better result. I once again was taught the value of patience. It was all about taking my time. I had to go slowly. First, I was drawing my circles, followed by half circles- or overlapped circles- for ears, then small circles for eyes, and some minor details inside the ears. Then I had to work with the hair by scribbling the same fuzz as before. I was careful but relaxed. I tried my best to keep it consistent but also kept a very loose clasp. If the fur was natural, so was the hand that doodled it.
After that, I drew a bunch! This lesson took pretty much all night to get right. It was my favorite lesson so far. 
I added words for some humor :)

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